Our Work

JSCPL Material Management System

An all-in-one solution for salt manufacturing company that streamlines material production, transportation, and reconciliation with a desktop software for automated weighment, a web-based reporting module, and a failover mechanism that ensures uninterrupted service.



We were approached by a salt production company who needed our assistance in developing a comprehensive material management system for their manufacturing and transportation processes. Their requirements included a desktop software that could automate weighment processes and a web application for administrative tasks and reporting. Additionally, all of their vehicles were equipped with RFID tags, and their software needed to be able to recognize and obtain weighment data from the weighbridge as soon as the vehicles arrived. They also needed an API to be created so that data for reconciliation could be sent from the material source location. Lastly, they requested a failover mechanism to be implemented in the system, allowing for an immediate switch to a backup server if the main server were to experience any issues.

JSCPL Material Management System


We assisted in the development of the aforementioned application by implementing a MySQL replication server and configuring two servers – a master server and a backup server – along with a failover switch that allows for immediate switching to the backup server in the event of any issues with the master server. The desktop client software was installed on the weighbridge station and integrated with both the weighbridge and the RFID reader. We also provided a reporting module as a web application that allows for the generation of various reports on material stock, transactions, and transportation. The user can view these reports on their screen, take printouts, and export them as either PDF or Excel files. Furthermore, we created a data backup service that takes backups of the data every 30 minutes and uploads them to an AWS S3 bucket.

Tech Stack

  • AWS S3
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Python