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CRM for Real Estate Agents

A modern real estate SaaS CRM platform with advanced features like two-way calendar sync, geo search, automated reminders, and enhanced security.

Real Estate


A real estate marketing company based in Ontario approached us with the goal of transforming their outdated software into a modern SaaS CRM platform. The client’s unique requirements for the CRM included features such as two-way calendar synchronization, geographical search capabilities, automated event and appointment reminders, enhanced security measures, and oAuth authentication.

CRM for Real Estate Agents


We assisted them in transforming their legacy software into a contemporary SaaS CRM platform by first transitioning their existing functions into microservices and then introducing new features. Separate microservices were created for calendar syncing, geo search, automated reminders, email notifications, and more. A novel approach was utilized to construct the geo search tool, enabling direct searches on the map. Complex business logics were implemented to provide two-way calendar sync.

Tech Stack

  • FullCalendar
  • Google Calendar API
  • Google Maps API
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • VueJS
Brian G
Owner, CRM for Real Estate Agents

Very communicative. They added valuable insight and approaches to the project as we planned, so that it arrives ready to integrate. On time. On budget. Already talking about a next project. Smart people. Good People.