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CPR Assistant

A SaaS platform designed to automate CPR teaching for training companies. The platform offers a variety of features from class registration to financial reporting.

EdTech • SaaS Platform


A start-up in California focused on education technology aimed to create a SaaS platform for companies providing CPR training, with the purpose of automating the teaching process. The platform had to fulfill the client’s requirements, which included features such as class registration, payment processing, inventory management for both physical and digital materials, course sign-ups, instructor management, paperwork record-keeping, payroll, profit and loss statements, and other tools that benefit students, instructors, and administrators in training centers.

CPR Assistant


Our team assisted the start-up in developing a cloud-based platform, starting with creating a minimum viable product (MVP). The platform was then consistently enhanced over several months with the addition of new features and functionalities. The app’s architecture was designed to distribute multiple functions into microservices, including REST APIs, emails and notifications, automated reminders, and automated class scheduling. We developed a total of three different portals: one for administrators to manage the backend, one for instructors to manage their schedules, and one for students to register for a class.

Tech Stack

  • AWS Lightsail
  • Chargebee
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Stripe
  • Twilio
Richard Ob
Owner, CPR Assistant

Driven by their dedication to walk the talk, Mandaliya Software has built functional, near-perfect software. They are uniquely skilled in developing project scopes, allowing them to set reasonable timelines. The independent yet communicative team is easy to work with and requires no micromanaging.