Richard for CPR

Mandaliya Software has done an excellent job of fulfilling the project scope.

Bernie for CrewConnect

The team has done an excellent job of listening to our requirements and actually transferring that into what we meant and envisioned.

Kevin for Yeti

Their work continues to be good, great & on time. More valuable is the conversation and their pre-project questions of… “we know what you want, and have you maybe thought of doing it another way…here is a suggestion…” – they’re smart.

Brian for CRM

Very communicative. They added valuable insight and approaches to the project as we planned, so that it arrives ready to integrate. On time. On budget. Already talking about a next project. Smart people. Good People.

Brit for Dashboards

Smart Smart Smart. And insightful questions about your project, before they start, not after. On time delivery

AJ for DataRoom

Excellent work! Fast. On time. Flexible and patient. Careful to follow directions. Nothing fell through the cracks and work was superior. Truly a good job. Very good communication throughout!

Andrea for Noblivity

We have worked with this team now for over a year and we will continue to work with them because they exceed our expectation.